Our Approach

Your biology and environment is unique. We provide science-based personalised nutrition coaching to analyse your health holistically.

Initial assessment

Gut microbiome

Your gut holds valuable insights in your metabolism and nutritional needs. Our simple swab test enables us to analyse your gut profile in the context of your personal diet and lifestyle.

Diet and lifestyle

An online assessment of your diet and lifestyle together with your health goals guide us in preparing personalised meal plans and coaching which fits your unique situation.

Health history

We analyse your health history to ensure our nutrition coaching considers your individual health profile.

Body measurements

Your height, weight, and waist measurements can play a key role in your nutrition recommendations.


Our optional comprehensive genetic test provides valuable nutritional insights, such as your predisposition to salt or caffeine sensitivity, metabolism of micronutrients, and hundreds of other insights used to further tailor your nutrition plan.


Our optional Cholesterol test contributes to your dietary composition, such as the recommended intake of saturated fats.

Dedicated Coaching

After our initial assessment we continue monitoring your key parameters in order to dynamically adjust our nutrition recommendations and coaching every week.

Your Diet

Your dedicated coach will continue tracking your diet from your food Log to provide you with regular feedback.

Your Activity and Sleep

Staying active and sleeping well is important to any health goal. Activate your fitness tracker so we know how many calories you should consume.

Your Blood pressure

OME Heart Health Programme is focused on reducing your blood pressure. Tracking your blood pressure over time is important to understand what nutrition changes work best for you.

Your Weight

OME Weight Loss Programme is focused on achieving your weight goal. Therefore, we help you track your weight and adjust nutritional habits over time.

Scientific commitment

We know how difficult it can be to eat healthily. Our team are strong believers in solid scientific evidence. We design nutrition coaching programmes by incorporating the latest scientific advancements in biology, nutrition, and behaviour science. So that we can help you, one small habit at a time.

Testing process

Our biological tests are based on solid scientific research
All faecal, saliva, and blood samples are processed in CPA and CLIA accredited laboratories
Our sample collection kits are CE-IVD marked
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the leading platform for analysing microbiome and DNA
Our team of PhD level scientists and medical doctors use a robust process to develop content to ensure validity

Your data privacy and security

Your personal data privacy and security is of highest priority to us. We are fully compliant with GDPR regulations to ensure your information is protected.

Privacy first

Data security

Research participation