Personalised nutrition for a healthy life

Take part in a new groundbreaking research study to understand how personalised nutrition could help people improve their health in and outside of their work environment.

If you want to learn more visit us at Ahold Delhaize (Zaandam) atrium stand on March 25th and 26th and in the café between 12.00 and 13.00 on March 25th

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Personalised Nutrition
at your workplace

The project focuses on learning about the expectations and experiences of people receiving personalised nutrition advice in order to help them make better nutrition decisions in the company restaurant.

The participants will be provided with free OME Health personalised nutrition advice service that is specifically tailored for the company restaurant of Ahold Delhaize (Zaandam). We will then try to learn what type of advice and software features are the most useful to people who want to improve their nutrition and health.

We consider all of you. Your biology.
Your lifestyle.

We will start by better understanding your biology by offering you a complimentary blood test to assess your vitamin D and Omega 3 needs. We will augment the results by adding your questionnaire answers and any data from fitness trackers and scales that you choose to share.

Then we connect all the dots to develop a nutrition plan just for you. Because you are unique.

How will your nutrition plan work?

Week 1 - 3

Get started

Week 4 - 11

Habit change

Week 12


1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
4 - 11

Personal Coach

Get introduced to your dedicated coach, complete your self-assessment and connect any smart devices you want to improve your recommendations.

Food Log

Begin tracking your meals and supplements in our intelligent food log and receive personal insights about your nutrition.

Welcome Kit

Complete your first research questionnaire. You will then receive your Blood test at your workplace. You can then download the OME Health app and follow the instructions to send us your two drops of blood after a simple finger-prick.

Personalised Company Lunches

Your dedicated coach will analyse and recommend lunch options from your company restaurant based on your individual nutritional needs. In week 4, you will also be asked to complete your second research questionnaire via the TNO research website

Live Coaching

You’ll receive weekly goals towards your health journey from your dedicated coach, here to support you in every nutrition decision.

Progress tracking

Track your key nutrition and activity data in the Progress tab to see the way lifestyle changes improve how you feel.

Review progress with your coach, answer your final research questionnaire and go on to set yourself the next Health goal!

Improve your Nutrition today

Ready-to-Shop Meal Plans
Weekly Health Goals
Chat and Video Coaching
Intelligent Food Log
Progress Tracking
Blood test
Blood testSupplements
OME Health monthly subscription
Exclusive discount
Nutritional supplements
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