nutrition program
for you.
Every person’s biology is different. We analyse you from DNA up, and design a personalised program, which delivers lasting results.
How it works
Most nutrition programs focus on short-term solutions that are unlikely to stick. vDNA sets you up for long-term success—combining cutting-edge science with clinically-based lifestyle strategies to help you reach and maintain healthy nutrition.
Each body is uniquely complex, and nutrition is never a one-size-fits-all journey. We’ll take a holistic look at data from your genetics, blood, gut microbiome, and lifestyle to unlock your body’s secrets and understand your nutrition potential.
Big change doesn’t happen overnight. Over the course of the year, your Coach will use a unique systems approach to provide a personalised nutrition and activity plan to help you manage your wellness.
Meet your ongoing support system. You’ll partner with a vDNA Coach—a nutritionist and behaviour change expert—to navigate your data, make specific lifestyle changes, and hold you accountable to your nutrition goals.
What you get?
Typical UK dietitian
Nutrition genetic analysis
We look at over 500 genes to understand what kinds of diets will potentially put you at higher risk for weight gain, and your potential genetic propensity for craving sweets or having a high Body Mass Index.
Gut microbiome analysis
Your gut contains 4 lbs of bacteria and we look at over 1000 of these different bacteria to understand how the microbiome composition affects the foods you eat.
Blood testing
We perform a blood analysis to look at your triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and total cholesterol levels to determine your base level for the vDNA nutrition program.
Blood re-testing
Every 6 months
Paid extra
We re-test your blood markers every 6 months to monitor the progress of your health markers.
Fitness tracker
Gain insights into your lifestyle through activity, continuous heart rate, and sleep tracking—all of which links to your vDNA Dashboard.
Health assessment
120 clinically validated questions
40 questions
At the start of the program we will invite you to complete a 20 min clinically-validated online health assessment, which covers your health history, dietary patterns, food frequency, and lifestyle.
Personalised diet and activity plans
Science-based actionable recommendations
Generalised recommendations
Your vDNA Coach will craft a personalised diet and exercise plan—based on your data and lifestyle preferences—This will not be a crash diet; rather, your Coach will support you as you make small, gradual changes in order to achieve long-term success.
Personal dashboard
From your vDNA Dashboard, explore your data, navigate through recommendations, and monitor your progress.
Full-time ongoing coaching
Daily access to our clinical nutritionists
Payment for every consultation
We provide a continuous access to our clinical nutritionists via the Messenger platform, where you can constantly interact with your dedicated Coach, ask questions, get updates and support throughout your nutrition journey.
£24 per month 12-month program
£100-150 per single consultation
Our fee covers a comprehensive biological testing, personalised nutrition and activity plan, and continuous daily support, thereby delivering a complete solution to your home.
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