• How is OME Health different from other lifestyle coaching programs?

    OME Health takes great pride in being able to offer our customers actionable recommendations based on the industry leading scope of the analyzed health markers that are used by our proprietary AI driven and expert-curated recommendation engine. We go the extra mile by looking at the genetic, microbiome, blood, anthropometric, and lifestyle markers to tailor-fit recommendations to our customers instead of forcing them to follow generalized lifestyle guidelines designed to fit all people instead of every person. Our customers also get an unprecedented amount of support to help them understand the science and follow the recommendations.

  • How do I sign up?

    Joining us is easy! Just visit our homepage, click “Order now” and follow the easy instructions to start your personalised wellness journey.

  • How do I contact OME Health and get the latest news?

    We love to hear from our customers! If you have any questions or comments the easiest way to contact us is via our chat (the floating red smiley face on the bottom right corner of your screen). If it is more comfortable for you can drop us an email.
    We post our news frequently on our social media accounts. You can also join our mailing list by entering your email at the bottom of the ome.health. You can also reach out through our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Can I buy the program for my family?

    OME Health personalised wellness program is a great gift! Please keep in mind that when buying the program for your family members you also accept the subscription fees and that for children below the age of 16 parental consent is required. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

  • Where can I find the OME Health app?

    Visit ome.health/app to download our app for the selected operating system.

  • Can I use a different activity tracker and share the data with you?

    We strongly suggest you use the provided tracker the performance of which was tested and approved by our expert team. The accuracy of the data will help us provide you with the most reliable assessment and recommendations. You can use your old tracker if it supports data sharing with Apple Health or Google Fit.

  • Can I perform high intensity exercise activity with a tracker?

    Any wristband tracker is not designed for strenuous training or exercises, since it can not guarantee the accurate HR monitoring due to the technological limitations. Professional chest strap trackers should give the most accurate biometric data output during high intensity training workouts and exercise activity. 

  • Should I wear the tracker all the time?

    We use a number of biometric markers from the tracker, such as your resting heart rate, sleep pattern, steps count, calories burnt to generate a personalised advice and recommendations specifically tailored to you. Therefore it is advisable to wear the provided tracker constantly  for at least one week. 

  • I have a scale/smart scale can I share its data with you to be included in the analysis of my results?

    We do not currently support smart scale integrations, but be sure to regularly update your weight and if possible body fat percentage in your profile.

  • I have results from a genetic testing company. Can you use these results?

    The depth and quality of data provided by most other genetic testing companies is not comprehensive enough to give you the same level of personalised and actionable recommendations. Furthermore, we investigate your microbiome, blood and a vast number of other data points to give you the best results possible.
    However, if you wish to keep it securely with all your health information you can upload it by contacting us through email or chat.

  • I am having a problem activating my kit. What should I do?

    If you have any problems with activation, please update your version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browsers to the latest version. If you are still having problems, please contact us at email or chat and we will help you as soon as possible.

  • What happens at the end of my 12-month subscription period?

    If you do not request a change to your subscription, we will continue working tirelessly to keep providing you with our great services for a low monthly fee.

  • What is the DNA and why is it important?

    DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a long molecule that is present in the nucleus of almost all of our cells. The molecule is a double helix that resembles a twisted ladder. The information in DNA, stored as a code, is made up of four nitrogenous chemicals or ‘bases’: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). It is the order of these bases in genes that determines the information for building and maintaining an organism. We call the differences in this order genetic markers and use them to predict a large number of phenotypic changes in our bodies.
    It is the DNA that contains the body’s unique genetic information or ‘blueprint’ that determines or at least in some part influences every single function of our body. This is why it is essential to know our genetic makeup to have a full picture of our bodies functions and needs.

  • What is a polygenic risk score?

    Most of the phenotypes in the human bodies are not caused by single genetic variants. They are influenced by the combined effect of many genetic variants (markers) and their interaction with each other and the environment. During the last decade, large-scale genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have generated a lot of useful data on different phenotypes and traits. Our team of experts reviews the scientific validity of the data in public databases, selected peer-reviewed scientific publications and conducted meta-analyses. The variant-trait associations with no less than three replications in independent studies are selected for the analysis. We calculate polygenic risk scores (PRS) by combining effect sizes of multiple selected markers. Then we transform PRS into a single accurate and easy to understand Score.  This in turn gives us the ability to predict the risk and extent of the phenotypes more precisely.

    Our analysis scope is constantly adjusted and updated to include the newest and most reliable evidence so our recommendations will continue to be at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge.

  • What is the microbiome and why is it important?

    Human beings can be called ‘superorganisms’ as billions of microorganisms inhabiting the gut closely interact with human genomes and play a role in maintaining human health. Recent evidence suggests that diet, lifestyle and drugs interact and modify gut microbiome and these modifications of gut microbiota may link to many health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and related metabolic diseases.
    Gut microbiome is known to provide refined control mechanisms on energy recovery through catabolism of poorly digestible nutrients, such as resistant starch, many polysaccharides, and other. This symbiotic condition influences our metabolism, physiology and gene expression. The interactions of nutrition and gut microbiota are highly complex. Not only are there many factors that modulate these interactions but the complement of gut microflora in an individual is comprised of a variable and dynamic population that is itself modulated by nutrition.
    We analyze the types and the abundance of the microorganisms present in our gut to better guide our lifestyle decisions.

  • Will I get sick if I have bacteria in my gut?

    Under normal conditions, our guts are filled with billions of bacteria, which do not cause any disease, but in fact are essential for the normal functions of our body. Pathogenic bacteria do exist and can sometimes cause undesirable effects. In fact, it is our normal gut microflora that has a strong protective effect against these bacteria.

  • What type of analysis do you do?

    OME Health uses Next Generation Sequencing platforms to analyze genomic and bacterial DNA that makes it possible for us to identify the specific variants in your genome and classify bacteria at the genus (and sometimes species) level in your gut. Additionally, we use genotyping by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and specific fluorescent probes to specifically identify particular genetic markers in your genomic DNA. These are the same analysis methods that have been used in used in major past studies in this area, so it gives us the greatest ability to compare with current research, making your data more relevant.

  • What scientific backing do your recommendations have?

    While new lifestyle and wellness related studies are being published daily, our dedicated team of experts put great effort in identifying only the most reliable and actionable information that is then transmitted in the form of recommendations to our customers.
    We base our analysis and recommendation of highest quality publications in peer reviewed journals and the main projects carried out in each specific field. Our customers have access to the scientific backing for every  recommendation we provide. 

  • My welcome pack arrived damaged. What should I do?

    If the exterior layer of the package seems damaged, please continue to open the package and investigate if the damage is also noticeable on the interior components (boxes and plastic collection tubes). If the damage is visible on the interior components, please contact us through the Chat (bottom right corner of your screen) and we will help you as soon as possible.

  • I can't find my sampling instructions. Where can I find them?

    The detailed sampling instructions for each test are located inside of every interior box. All the instructions can also be found on the ome.health website when you activate your kit. Just go to ome.health, login to your account, and go from there.

  • How long will my kit last?

    OME Health kits can be stored for a month before taking your samples. However, once you’ve sampled, it’s best to return your samples to us without delay. Blood samples have to be shipped AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to obtain reliable results. Microbiome and saliva tubes, if absolutely needed, can be kept comfortably at room temperature for up to a month.

  • I knocked over a tube. Is my sample still usable?

    If you knocked over our microbiome testing kit, don’t worry! Our kits come with spares, so take the spare tube and swab and try again.
    If you knocked over the blood collection tube, make sure no visible particles entered the tube and no blood spilled out. If this did not happen make sure the tube is placed snuggly in the holder of the protective packing wallet (where the tube was contained) and carry on with the sampling. If the tube is visibly contaminated, please contact us on the Chat and we will send you the replacement.
    Saliva collection tubes should be protected from the spills. However, if you knock down the saliva collection tube make sure no liquid escaped the tube and if it has please contact us via the Chat and we will send you the replacement as soon as possible.

  • I would like to be retested. What should I do?

    One of the key benefits of the genetic analyses is that your genome does not change rapidly, therefore if your sample is of adequate quality you will not need to produce it again. We will reanalyze your DNA whenever new, reliable and actionable research becomes available so you always get the most relevant and useful information!
    The microbiome and blood are dynamic systems that change a lot depending on environmental and genetic conditions. That is why they are such a great tool to assess your health and track your progress! A repeated blood test every 6 months is included with your subscription. However, we recommend you also add microbiome to the retesting cycle so we can fine tune your recommendations.
    Please use our chat or email to order additional test kits.

  • When will my results be available?

    We aim to make all of your results available in approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the day you ship your samples. Due to differences in the analysis time of your DNA, microbiome, and blood, some of the results will become available in your profile sooner. However accurate recommendations require all of the results to be available, therefore expect these at the end of the mentioned period.
    We will use the time before the recommendations become available to perform your online assessment and establish your lifestyle patterns using the activity tracker.

  • I have trouble understanding the recommendations. What should I do?

    Each recommendation has several information pages associated with it that clearly outline the science behind it. Make sure you check these out! If you are still having trouble our dedicated team of experts is always available via chat and email to help you on your personalised wellness journey.

  • What unexpected things might I learn from OME Health?

    There are a few aspects of your wellness that we consider sensitive (like sexual wellness and fertility). We provide our users with a complete control over the information they wish to receive. You will be required to opt-in to gain access to certain information and recommendations.

  • Do you diagnose disease or help manage pre-existing conditions?

    We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Nothing we provide should be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have a pre-existing condition, you should continue to work with your physician and medical care team.
    That said, OME Health experts have extensive experience supporting a variety of health and wellness conditions. This program and the information we provide are for your personal educational use in support of nutritional and other lifestyle goals to achieve and maintain wellness. They can also be shared with your healthcare professionals to help them give you the best advice possible.

  • I live outside of the UK. Can I still sign up?

    Due to high demand, the shipping of the OME Health Welcome Packs is limited to select EU markets. Please use our chat or email to check the availability in your country.

  • I want to offer OME Health to my clients. How do I do it?

    OME Health has a number of partnerships to make our program easily accessible to our customers, but we are always open to new ones! Please use our chat or contact us via partners@vitalitydna.com to join our partnership program.

  • How do you use my personal data?

    Your data is used EXCLUSIVELY to provide you with the personalised wellness recommendations unless you give an explicit consent to use it otherwise.
    We will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, even with your consent, share your individual-level health data or survey responses with third parties in a way that can be used to identify you, except as required by law. With your explicit consent, we may include your anonymized health data and survey responses in aggregate data. Aggregate data is data from multiple users that has been combined to minimize the possibility of exposing individual-level information. We may use aggregate data for research, publish it in peer-reviewed scientific journals, share with third-parties for research, product development and support.
    For full details of OME Health’s privacy practices, read our Privacy Statement.

  • How do you ensure the privacy of my personal data?

    Your privacy is our top priority.  We ensure the privacy of your data and your results by employing multiple layers of encryption in accordance with the highest standards of computer security. You control your data and can choose whether or not you consent to having your data be anonymized and pooled into our OME Health research studies or shared with third parties for research or other purposes.

  • Can I join anonymously?

    We strive to give customers control over how much information they share. Yet our Terms of Service require that you provide true and accurate registration information and submit either your own samples or that of a person from whom you have authorization. What this means is when you register your kit, you must use your real name.
    Your samples do not contain the information that third parties can be used to identify you. They are identified by the unique anonymous codes on your sample tubes. Your ordering information (shipping address, credit card information, etc.) is stored separately from your health data, and connecting the two would require breaching several layers of the state of the art security.
    Finally, our sampling procedure is specifically designed to protect individuals from having their samples submitted without their permission.